Defense Supplier

Tier 1 Supplier for General Dynamics

Being a Tier 1 Supplier for General Dynamics since 1980 has given Sabre Tec over 30 years of experience in the field. Our dedicated team is capable of doing everything 100% in house and able to oversee the whole process.

Various Vehicle Projects

Stryker Vehicle Image

IAV Stryker

The IAV Stryker vehicle comes in an array of variants. Sabre Tec has done a number of projects specific to plating, armor and driveline components.

MRAP Vehicle Image

MRAP Vehicle

The MRAP vehicle stands for Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected. Sabre Tec has built various plating and protection pieces for the MRAP, as well as painting them to the military standards.

M1A1 Tank Image

M1A1 Tank

Sabre Tec has been working on M1 Abrams projects for since its introduction in 1980. Being in General Dynamics' backyard allows Sabre Tec to have a close relationship as well as pioneering specific techniques.

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