CNC Structural Manufacturing

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Every machine used within Sabre Tec’s 19,000 sq. ft. facility has the ability to be programmed and dialed into the exact precision that your projects demand. Although a large bulk of Sabre Tec projects come from the Defense Industry, Sabre Tec understands the demands of all industries. This is why Sabre Tec has invested millions of dollars into Waterjet cutting machines, metal stamping, welding and a number of certifications that allow us to cater to the defense industry. This is a one stop shop, dedicated to getting your project completed on time with the expectations of 100% competition.

In order to allow your project to be done correctly, you need the latest software and technology to handle your prints. Sable Tec uses some of the latest software to interpret and configure your designs so that our CNC machines hit the exact dimensions your entrusting to us. If you’re project is engineered from several other accounts, as long as you have the designs, we can interpret the project and get you to where you need to be. That’s the Sabre Tec difference.

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